White Trash Productions

Back up!!!! Back up!!!!!!!! Back up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I learned the hard way to back everything up. I have been working on my Independent study of the Elephants Dream. I had almost all the foley sounds recorded and synced in place, all background music, all ambient sounds, and was getting ready to record dialog. I was saving my work on my external hard drive only……..my bad….I should have been backing it up in more then one place. I had a friend over and was showing him my work when he spilled a cup of coffee all over my desk and hard drive completely frying my hard drive and loosing all my work…All I have to say is that will only happen one time. So now it’s back to the beginning……..


One response

  1. Anonymous

    Save early, save often… 😦

    Thanks for the testimony: it’s always good to have a reminder that this sort of thing happens. Sorry to hear it happened to you.

    May 10, 2012 at 5:12 pm

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