White Trash Productions

Foley Sounds

This weekend for the start of my Elephants dream i am going to start recording my foley sounds. I have broken down the ten minute movie into five two minute sections. This way I can watch the two minutes and write down on my spotting sheet the sounds I would like to add to the clip.

Equipment and Resources:

  • AMD 660 field recorder
  • Shotgun mic
  • MXL 991 condenser mic
  • Boom Pole
  • 6′ and 3′ XLR cables
  • freesounds.org(This is a great data base of sounds people have uploaded-free to listen and download-and I like to read what the person that did the recording used to make the sound for ideas and inspiration)

I will be adding a detailed description of the sounds I record and what I used to achieve the sound as well.


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