White Trash Productions

Randy Settles

Whats up peeps……\m/

Thanks for taking the time to check out my page. I am majoring in Multi Media Design. During winter term of 2012 I took Audio Production and found that I really enjoyed this type of work. We were all given a two minute video clip for a final project in which we had to record all the foley sound effects, soundtrack music, background ambient sounds, and dialog for the characters and put everything together in sync using Pro Tools LE 8. The movie clip I chose was call “Elephants Dream”. My instructor thought I did a great job that when I asked about doing an independent study for spring term 2012 he suggested how bout doing the whole 10 minute movie of “Elephants Dream”? The main objective of this blog is to let other students, faculty, and the general public that is interested to follow my work and progress from beginning to the final. Once again thank you stopping by and I welcome any feedback, comments, and/or suggestions that could help me not only succeed in this project but further my education in the field of audio production and anything pertaining in Multi Media Design.

So here is my half ass Bio….LOL

I was born and raised in Venice Beach Ca. I like to call where the sewer meets the sea.

Most of my life was a lot of drama..you know-dysfunctional family crap..So I started using drugs and alcohol at a very young age and did this for over 25 years. Heroin was my drug of choice. ended in prison – walk away from wife and two kids- Basically made a ton of stupid choices. I am not like that any more…Been clean for a while now…go to school….I am a part of my kids life today…and don’t trip out when the cops pull me over anymore…I’m a musician-photographer-and really enjoy learning multi media  design. Thats enough BIO crap  for now….


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